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Do you want to learn from a Zoho developer who has solved many requests, challenges, and issues? Join my Members Only knowledgebase and get access to exclusive articles on how to create, design, and integrate Zoho’s apps like a pro. You will also be part of a Community section, where you can ask me and other members anything you want. Your questions will help me create more and better content for you.

One of the things I can teach you is how to customize the look and feel of your Zoho Creator apps. For example: how to add a unique logo to each app, instead of settling for the boring options.

Check out the current articles below the pricing overview and sign up today!

This knowledgebase is completely new and the content is still limited, but will grow over time. To kickstart things, I am offering a large discount to the first users, only in May!

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How does the sign-up work behind the scenes?

Of course, the sign-up also works with Zoho! I will explain this later in detail in the Knowledgebase, but in short, this is what happens:

  • When you select one of the options, a Published Zoho Creator form is opened.
  • Filling in the form, certain fields trigger a workflow that calculates the applicable price and tax, based on the country, valid VAT id, and the chosen plan. The price is gathered using an integrated call to Zoho Subscriptions.
  • When you submit the form, an API call is made to Zoho Subscriptions, creating a Hosted Payment Page using the data filled in the form. It will then open the URL that was sent back.
  • Using built-in integrations, GoCardless and Stripe have been connected to handle the payments.
  • After paying, Zoho Subscriptions creates the customer, subscriptions, and everything else it does automatically out of the box.
  • When that subscription is activated, a Zoho Flow is started. This flow does the following:
    • A custom script gathers data from the customer, to define which invoice template needs to be linked to this customer.
    • It fetches the contact created by the subscription from Zoho Desk (which is integrated with Zoho Subscriptions through Zoho CRM)
    • If the contact could not be fetched, it creates it.
    • It invites the contact to the Zoho Desk Knowledgebase. This makes it automatically send you an activation link.
  • When the contact had created the Zoho Desk account, another Zoho Flow starts, upgrading you to the correct group, so that you can see the articles and access the community.
  • The Knowledgebase is a feature of Zoho Desk. The version you can access is using one of the templates, with some CSS customisation on top of it.

The articles that you see below are actually displayed in a published Zoho Creator form. When the form is loaded, an API call is made to Zoho Desk, gathering the currently published articles. The titles are extracted from the returned data and displayed in a Notes field.