Sustainability guidance: an external view

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of modern business. Customers, government policies, banks, partners: more and more of your business relations are interested in how your business is taking sustainability into account. It is more than likely however that you and your employees are no expert on this subject. So what to do now?

The pitfalls

Many decisions on sustainability are done based on feelings or on the advice of not-so-independent suppliers wanting to push their solutions on you. This could lead to some of the following pitfalls:


Only one piece

Changing one thing can have unforeseen consequences for other aspects. Changing plastic packaging to paper sounds nice, but could it lead to more spoilage, increasing the impact?

Wrong focus

You could put solar panels on your roof and save tons of fossil fuels, but does it have the same impact as improving your product, so that all your customers lower their impact?

Tunnel vision

You’ve been in your industry for so long, that you can only find incremental improvements. Do you sell you product, or a performance?

When can I help you?

I have years of experience in different aspects of sustainability. With this experience, I can look at your business, business model, product development, supply chain or any other aspect and steer you in the right direction. I can help you in the following situations, and more:

What do you get?

A consult starts with a video call, so you can introduce your challenge and I can ask my questions. When your question is clear to me, I’ll need some time to investigate. If necessary, I will ask for some data or other information from your company. We will then set up another video call, where I will explain what I’ve found and how this will help you improve. You will also receive a report outlining the results.

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