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About me

My name is Rick van der Linden and I am a sustainability expert and Zoho Creator developer. My focus is on Life Cycle Assessment, sustainable product design, and helping companies make more sustainable choices across all aspects of their business.

I discovered my passion for design and engineering during my studies in Industrial Design Engineering. My fascination with cars led me to spend my spare time customizing my own vehicle and designing innovative products. As I pursued my studies, I also became increasingly interested in sustainability.

To deepen my knowledge in this area, I enrolled in the ASSET sustainable minor program, which introduced me to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. This philosophy resonated with me deeply, and I have been incorporating sustainable design strategies into my work ever since.

Later on, I was introduced to the concept of Circular Economy and immediately recognized its potential to create a more sustainable future. This led me to focus my career on sustainability and Circular Economy, which has been a driving force in all of my professional endeavors.

I have worked in the horticultural sector, where I helped businesses improve their environmental performance through consulting and insights. I also played a key role in the development of the LCA methodology, which is now incorporated into the PEFCR Floriculture.

At Biota Nutri, I focused on improving internal processes and protocols to ensure compliance with codes and standards. In 2021, I founded my own company, GreenStayn, to pursue my interests and explore new sectors.

Through my work at Greenhouse Sustainability and GreenStayn, I am able to contribute to sustainability in a way that aligns with my values and vision.

My Services

Zoho consultancy

Unleash the power of Zoho with my expertise. As an experienced Zoho Creator developer, I specialize in seamless integration, app connectivity, and assisting Zoho consultants. With a focus on creative solutions, intuitive UI, and custom styling, I’ll transform your organization’s processes into streamlined and visually captivating experiences. Elevate efficiency, productivity, and success with Zoho integration that delivers remarkable results.

Harnessing over a decade of sustainability expertise, I offer comprehensive analysis and guidance to companies seeking to enhance their products, services, and production techniques. With a deep understanding of design for sustainability, systems thinking, and the principles of the circular economy, I bring a holistic approach to driving positive change. Drawing from my extensive professional experience and academic background in Industrial Design Engineering, I provide valuable insights and recommendations for unlocking improvement potential within your organization.

Sustainability consultancy